Thursday, 12 December 2013

Life`s too short... not to present ourselfs!

Just a "Hi". We are just two girls in this big bad world and we wish to share our world with you! We start this blog just for fun and to connect with other people. Our aim is not fame , not even loads of followers. We are just going to have fun! Do the same :) 

Here we are:


(Crappy pictures due to lack of normal ones i.e selfies haha)
Currenly,  I am undertaking a degree of psychology and law at University in England. Psychology is one of my passions, photographing people when they feel uncomfortable is the other one. haha


And I am a philology student at Univerisity in Bulgaria. Reading is the thing I really like as well as listening to Depeche Mode and drinking loads of coffee!

Just to be honest we are both really into wine. We like to imagine we are in some fancy wine bar in France doing that. Haha. We enjoy life as much as we can, learn from it and learn for it as much as we can,read, love, smile and dream as much as we can. 

Tons of Love, 
M & V

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